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Christina Huffington loves her little dog Lucy

Mrs Sizzle Christina Huffington.jpg
Mrs Sizzle Christina Huffington.jpg

One of the first things I did when I moved back to LA from New York was begin the search for a rescue dog. All the big, green spaces were calling for a pup! I spent all of my free time obsessively scouring rescue websites and adoption centers for a dog. I had no idea what kind of dog I wanted, other than that I was probably more well-equipped to handle one on the smaller side.

I had various rescue organizations bookmarked on my computer, and on February 4th, 2014 -- the first day of my new job! -- I saw her on No KIll Los Angeles' (NKLA) website. It was a blurry photo and her face was partially obscured by a cone from her recent spay, I was immediately drawn to her. I drove over to the NKLA center -- which is GORGEOUS, by the way -- after work, half-believing that someone had already scooped her up.

When I arrived at NKLA, I told a very nice woman which dog I was interested in, and waited in a side room while she went to go fetch her. When she brought her in, Lucy was skinny and shaking and almost immediately peed on me. I took it as a sign and adopted her on the spot. That first night was nerve-wracking! Like any new parent, I was terrified that she would suddenly stop breathing.

photo 4-1.JPG

She did not (!) and here we are almost four months later. Lucy could not be more different than that shy, scared pup I first met. She walks around like she rules the place (my fault) and there is apparently no cap on her energy!

Adopting her was definitely one of the best decisions I've made. She's wacky and spunky and sweet and sometimes totally out of her mind and has made my days a hundred times smilier.

Malick Sidibe is a fav photographer of mine and can you believe I found a dog in one of his pictures