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Meet the trainer, Stacy Alldredge, who can answer all of you doggie dilemmas tomorrow night at the Swatch party in Times Square from 6-8 5/14

Stacy and Mrs. Sizzle    Photos by   Amy Lombard

Stacy and Mrs. Sizzle    Photos by Amy Lombard

Some of Stacy's trained dogs

Some of Stacy's trained dogs

Did you know a training crate is meant to be temporary?

By your dog's first birthday, they should be crate free. If your dog is  still being crated, find out the best way to graduate your dog to a crate free existence.

Did you know dogs never stop needing to learn? 

Training is for life and not just puppyhood. The average dog can learn more than 100 commands -- how many commands does your dog know? It's never too late to train!

Stop by and see us to get the answers AND MORE to these burning puppy question!

Stacy Alldredge at WHO'S WALKING WHO

I love Hope Gangloff's paintings with animals in them now on view at Susan Inglett gallery

San Fransciso treats were the theme of the Swatch and Mrs.Sizzle party on Geary!