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San Fransciso treats were the theme of the Swatch and Mrs.Sizzle party on Geary!



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swatch mrssizzle.com

Another city and another fabulous launch of the #MYPETANDME series from Swatch watch!  Mrs. Sizzle invited all her Instagram friends and many SWATCH devotees and club members came to extend their collections.  We then "pet"ty cabbed it through the streets and down to the Embarcadero looking for new furry friends to join the fun!

Check out the collection here.  All photographs in San Francisco by Lucille Lawrence

Meet the trainer, Stacy Alldredge, who can answer all of you doggie dilemmas tomorrow night at the Swatch party in Times Square from 6-8 5/14

Eric Ginsburg has a huge soft spot for dogs. He will paint yours at The Fridge Art Fair to benefit BARC, Brooklyn. Check this out now!