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LOVE magazine LOVES dogs

Sarai and Lola are up for adoption at  Rebound Hounds

Sarai and Lola are up for adoption at Rebound Hounds

I knew Sophie Gamand was doing a big shoot last summer so it is with great pride that I share with you her latest story from my favorite, LOVE MAGAZINE.  She has not only applied her fab photographic skills but does what she is known best for - photographing beautiful dogs that are so badly in need of a home.  She has already appeared on Sizzle with her pit bull series, one that we prepared together in Brookhaven, NY.

When I asked Katie Grand about her choice of this particular photographer, here is what she shared: "I discovered Sophie on Instagram earlier this year and not only did I love her pictures, love the dogs in her pictures, but I absolutely loved how the site came about and the worthy work Sophie is doing through her Instagram account. "

Thanks Katie for sharing this wonderful story with me.

Who loves my dogs more than me? Howie Guja I think. Or at least he acts like it when he takes their pictures!