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Dylan the cat and his people Tom Cashin and Jay Johnson as seen by David Williams

mrs sizzle cats david williams.jepg
mrs sizzle cats david williams.jpeg
mrs sizzle cat david williams.jpeg

As connoisseurs of all things elegant, it's no surprise that Tom Cashin and Jay Johnson's cat falls into the same category as their design business.  When hearing the phrase, "restrained elegance" we are not quite sure if we are hearing about the business, JED JOHNSON ASSOCIATES INC. or their cat Dylan. So naturally we had to delve in and this is what we found out.

Mrs. SIzzle: You men love cats, tell me about that and why Abyssinian?

Jay Johnson: Abyssinian cats are beautiful, sleek, exotic, intelligent and extremely loving.  Myth has that they accompanied the dead pharaohs to their tombs to protect and keep them company. 

Mrs.Sizzle: What are Dylan's best characteristics?  

Jay: He never wanders far or crosses the road and he does come when I call his name. He cuddles in bed at night and he doesn't intentionally kill other animals. He just wants to play with the chipmunks and frogs but occasionally he is a little too rough. In general, he has good karma and may be reborn in a higher form - possibly even human. We are nurturing his spiritual side. 

Mrs Sizzle: How does he travel?  

Jay: He likes to be in the lap of the passenger in the front. He reminds us of Tom of Toonces, the cat from Saturday Night Live. He loves to look out the window and knows when he is close to Bellport. He has to be the first out of the car. 

Mrs. Sizzle: I hear you love your birds in Brookhaven. How does he deal with the competition?  

Jay: He knows that we love him unconditionally and isn't in the least bit insecure. He never shows jealousy over our attention to the beautiful birds that visit us. 

Mrs. Sizzle: Anything else you want to add about your biz?

Jay: Dylan is to be named successor to Jed Johnson Associates in our will. 

David Williams is a photographer living in Brooklyn and photographed Tom and Jay for his upcoming book MEN WITH CATS to be released this February by Quirk Books .

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