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Gizmo is seen in the last picture and when Kyoko took his picture he knew exactly where to be. As she says about animals, "I think I have a healthy relationship with animals in general. When I grew up in Japan, we had tadpoles, crayfish, koi fish, a pet hamster with one arm, pet squirrels (different than American squirrels), turtles, cats and a dog. My view of animals changed slightly though when I saw wild lions in South Africa up close. I knew instinctively this big orange cat can take me down with one swipe. It gave me much more respect for the wilderness."

Dogs need a little extra fur sometimes so here are some great ideas of ways to keep them warm. Mungo and Maud, Ruby Rufus and Mr. Soft Top let Mrs. Sizzle test drive and keep the sweaters. Lucky us! We pulled in a few more to round out the bunch and we are in love with them all! Howie Guja arrived for the canine playdate and photographed our neighborhood dogs and some beauties that are up for adoption. Please, always consider adopting a dog if you are looking for a new furry friend.

Sophie Gamand is an animal lover, photographer, and animal activist extraordinaire. 

I was lucky enough to be along for the ride last week in Brookhaven Long Island, a town that I live in and one that has a very special need which Sophie could fulfill - Pit Bull awareness - by extending her series "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution". We visited the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, with Ashley Boyd at the helm, and over two days, Sophie was able to photograph more than 50 dogs. I was in awe! 

"Bubba, Bichon-Shih Tzu, age 7-1/2, Taurus (like me), constant companion, photo muse, self-portrait partner. A gypsy by nature (or maybe that's me), road-trip navigator and shotgun-rider on three cross-country trips, favors motel hallways and elevators, lives part-time in Uruguay, afraid of horses and cats, loves chorizo. He's featured in three of my photo series (so far) and can often be found modeling on my instagram feed."

Richard Phibbs is at it again! He and the Humane Society of New York, under the brilliant direction of Sandra DeFeo, worked tirelessly with a team of people to get these beauties photographed so they might have a better chance of being adopted.  All were photographed at the Humane Society on September 10th, and each and every one of them is looking for a forever home.  If you are interested in any of these pets please email Sandra.

My girlfriend, Sammy, and I were not sure if we were ready for a new dog after the death of our beloved dog, Edith Piaf. We went to an adoption fair from a wonderful rescue group in LA called Dogs Without Borders. We were very sad, and not sure if we were ready to bring another animal into our world… until we saw her.

“I think I’m an old soul,” muses Remy Lark-bassi, a five year-old black Standard Poodle. “I’m so comfortable in vintage pieces—especially capes and berets and head scarves—that I really think I must have been a part of Coco’s  or Cristobal’s or Christian’s posse in a past life.” Such lofty claims could only come from a Standard, though this Standard is anything but lofty

"My name is Max! I'm a 2 year old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix. My dad tells people that I'm a "Goldbrador" - I don't know what that means but it sounds chic, I love it! My schedule is quiet busy: walking, playing, eating, napping, smiling, and posing most of the time. Speaking about posing, my day job, as a pre-light model and studio assistant, is to keep everybody happy on dad's set. Aside from that, I try hard to push the limits, to get what I want from everybody (i.e. sad looks, overt tenderness when sitting next to the pizza, those kind of things...). Indeed, one day I might quit my day job to become an actor! We'll see!"

Corey Towers is a great photographer and animal lover who I met after many colleagues brought his work to my attention. At a meeting with Corey and my friend Stacy Alldredge, the trainer, we came up with the idea to introduce Corey to MaeDay Rescue, a brilliant rescue organization for dogs in Los Angeles.  Corey and MaeDay partnered to make these exclusive portraits for Mrs. Sizzle, and we hope that the dogs above, Frances and Tabitha, get adopted tomorrow at Urban Pet in Los Angeles.  

Toast Meets World is a brave puppy mill survivor who is here to teach us that rescue dogs are as beautiful as our purebred supermodels, Jagger a Yorkie and Riley a Shih Tzu. We use the word survivor because most “breeding” dogs at mills meet and early and unpleasant end once their bodies can no longer produce.  Toast was photographed in a studio on August 7th in NYC by Tom Schirmacher and had her hair done by Gavin Harwin who had also previously worked on the shot of Jagger and Riley a few months back.

This lovely photographer, Dawn Whitmore, sent me her delicious story about her rescue dog Ben. "Ben is an incredible pup despite a rocky history. He was pulled by authorities from a hoarding/puppy mill situation in rural Minnesota. He was the only Standard among a ton of tiny dogs. Sadly, he was very aggressive and sent to German Shepherd rescue for a few weeks to determine whether or not he might be adoptable to someone. I had applied for a rescue poodle weeks before (with Mid Atlantic Poodle Rescue) and received a call that there was a dog available. I was the only acceptable candidate for him because I'd worked as a vet tech several years prior and am familiar with crazy dogs. Needless to say I took him in October 2011 and have done lots of positive training classes with the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) here in DC.