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As NYFW 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and write about some of the things I learned outside of the catwalk. When it comes to fashion, trends are constantly evolving. What draws so many, like me, to the world of fashion is its infinite progression from season to season.  In a year, a designer can completely change their look, textile, and inspiration!

“Home, home on the range, where this English Lab named Bosco plays.  Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and skies are not cloudy all day.” 

Ok, it is winter so there are some clouds…but you know what I mean. In fact, winter is my favorite season at Westwind Orchard! On a typical day as Head Farm Dog, I wake up early and take care of important business, like tapping the maple trees for syrup with Pop and visiting my friends at the chicken coop and beehives. Most humans are afraid of bees, but Dad has taught me to sit very still as he tends to them.  I love when they buzz around my head, tickling my nose, smelling all sweet.