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Lia Chavez is a visual and performance artist with a very chic rescue greyhound named London

Beverly Allan introduced me to the work of Lia Chavez, a visual and performance artist who divides her time between Brookhaven Hamlet and Manhattan with her husband, David Shing, a futurist and their rescue dog London.  Lia will be performing a piece entitled, "Light Body", a contemplative dance piece this Saturday at the farm of Isabella Rossellini.  "The performance marks the artist’s emergence from a 40-day vow of silence. Inspired by John Cage’s renowned experiments with sensory deprivation and historical accounts of activating the light body through deep meditation, Chavez has drawn upon the mystical concept of “feasting on light” — a reference to the Yogic practice of sustaining the physical and energetic bodies with meditation and the breath. 
The visual artworks created over this period will be the subject of a private exhibition at Isabella Rossellini's home concurrently. (Beverly Allan and Nur EL Shami's press release). 

Dogs in cars, yes, but really they are dogs in shelters.  Brookhaven Animal Shelter to be exact.  Thankfully I can tell you that since Nathaniel and I went to start our photographic series at the shelter, two of the three dogs we have pictured here have been adopted.  That's a good thing.  The sad thing is that there are about 115 more in the shelter that do need homes.  We at Mrs. Sizzle hope to raise awareness about the hard to ignore multitudes of pets that do need homes and are housed in shelters across America.