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It was the most gorgeous celebration for National Puppy at the Highline Hotel yesterday! Tuna Melts My Heart, Toast Meets World and Friends of Finn sat on propped personalized pillows from WAGGO to greet the crowds! Photos were had, rescue dogs looked for new owners, and people shopped, all in honor of Amanda Hearst's Friends of Finn organization which helps the Humane Society and raises awareness about puppy mills.

Toast Meets World is a brave puppy mill survivor who is here to teach us that rescue dogs are as beautiful as our purebred supermodels, Jagger a Yorkie and Riley a Shih Tzu. We use the word survivor because most “breeding” dogs at mills meet and early and unpleasant end once their bodies can no longer produce.  Toast was photographed in a studio on August 7th in NYC by Tom Schirmacher and had her hair done by Gavin Harwin who had also previously worked on the shot of Jagger and Riley a few months back.