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THE DOGIST writes: Olive & Buttercup, Pit Bull/terrier mix (2 y/o & 8 w/o; Mother and pup) – available for adoption from Bully Project• Olive was found pregnant on the street and recently gave birth to a litter of 7 puppies. Visit "Help Olive and Her Pups" to help cover their medical expenses. All leashes and collars by RUGGEDWRIST, made in USA.  Assistant for the day: @mazzie_takes_manhattan. Please email if you are interested!

Sophie Gamand is an animal lover, photographer, and animal activist extraordinaire. 

I was lucky enough to be along for the ride last week in Brookhaven Long Island, a town that I live in and one that has a very special need which Sophie could fulfill - Pit Bull awareness - by extending her series "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution". We visited the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, with Ashley Boyd at the helm, and over two days, Sophie was able to photograph more than 50 dogs. I was in awe! 

Corey Towers is a great photographer and animal lover who I met after many colleagues brought his work to my attention. At a meeting with Corey and my friend Stacy Alldredge, the trainer, we came up with the idea to introduce Corey to MaeDay Rescue, a brilliant rescue organization for dogs in Los Angeles.  Corey and MaeDay partnered to make these exclusive portraits for Mrs. Sizzle, and we hope that the dogs above, Frances and Tabitha, get adopted tomorrow at Urban Pet in Los Angeles.