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As a dog lover and a lover of photography, what more could have drawn me to Elliott Erwitt's studio?  The man had been hounded by me for months since I started this blog, and we finally met up one fine day in January.  The girls and I sauntered up to the Upper West Side to join Elliott walking down Central Park West.  He wanted to sit a bit, get to see the dogs and let them sniff him before we went on our loop that ended up at his studio. A few stories were told and I must have passed muster, as I was invited upstairs for a delicious espresso that he made me.

Tricia Rosenkilde from Camerawork Studio reached out to me to present her gorgeous platinum portraits of animals. Her own dog, Katie, came from a kill shelter in Georgia; she was originally found in the woods with her three sisters, living in an old wood pile with no food.  The puppies all found wonderful homes when they were brought up to New Jersey by Eleventh Hour Rescue.