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Richard Phibbs is an angel of an animal lover

Photographer and gentleman. Shoots celebrities and fashion, but really does a good dog―and really IS a good human. For the past several years, Richard has devoted a big chunk of his work life to finding all of these sweet souls a home. Working with the Humane Society of New York, he goes into a tiny examination room to take arresting and compassionate portraits of these scared little creatures who need to be seen to be loved.  And he has been relentless: Of the 180+ dogs Richard has photographed, the majority have found a second chance at life in a new home thanks to his brilliant photographs.

This is a funny story... Laurie was shooting her show that was up last month at Salon 94 when Lamby jumped up on the model's lap and Laurie snapped this shot. The end.

Big story right?  Well, I went to the gallery I met another gorgeous dog whose name is Ludvig von Truffle and he showed me around....

Not to mention that Laurie can join the girl crush club too. Love her.

Or at least he did make it while I was there at the studio that day.  So, I was nervous before the visit, that I might be the only dog owner in the world to have dogs, well not really, that like to jump up on people. It was just not so.  Wegman's dogs do the same thing and his dogs are bigger than my dogs. This is what he says about two of them, "Topper is the biggest trouble maker. He sometimes bites Flo's back leg when Flo is introducing herself to visitors. He barks a lot. But he's a great dog." I loved being able to go meet the dogs.

Jacques Sonck

Department of the Province of Antwerp), he devoted himself since the mid-1970s on personal projects. He makes penetrating street and studio portraits of prominent figures from all walks of life. In his pictures he goes in search of archetypes. Classical portraits in the style of Diane Arbus. Without any judgment, Jacques Sonck confronts the viewer with charming and disturbing individuals: loners, eccentrics, drop-outs and deformed. Sonck's refined black-white images contain surprising, often anachronistic, aesthetics with remarkable documentary character. Diversity in all its shapes within the human species is depicted in an understated way, without melancholy, compassion or the intent to ridicule.

Mickalene Thomas has a dog named Priscilla. Lucky her.

"Old Priscilla is looking good these days. She is happy Spring is here and struts down the street wagging her tail with her tongue hanging from her mouth. She is the sweetest mini Dachs in Forte Greene, Brooklyn.  Her best quality is her little legs. They are super cute and smaller than her nose, really."

"Portrait de Priscilla Petit Chein, 2012 Color photograph, acrylic paint, vintage wall paper, Funky Fur, and paper collage 11.25 x 14.25 inches 28.6 x 36.2 cm, Lehmann Maupin Gallery."