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CUT it OUT DENISE! A San Francisco artist and her scissors

How divine are these please!? Imagine artist Denise Fiedler in San Francisco collaging her life away! As she calls it the collages are her reuse project- "I use vintage and discarded books for the collage paper." First she paints the subjects and then her scissors go wild.  Of course what caught my eye were the dogs as my best friend Peg Patterson gave me some from her store DISH in Hudson, but the people are pretty exciting too.
To learn more about how to get your pets portrait done click here. It's so fun!

Stacy Fischer introduced me to Kimberly this Fall. I knew her work from BARK magazine and was so taken with her profile of William Wegman who had also told me about her work.  Kimberly is a visual storyteller who loves to hang with artists with the intention of seeing them cultivate and sustain their creativity.  I asked Kimberly what it was like to spend time with Wegman observing him and his art.

I was so psyched to come across Faye Moorhouse's brilliant illustration on Instagram.  I asked what made her tick and this is what I got:
"I’m inspired by strange stories I hear or weird looking people I see. I hear or read something and then think ‘I MUST paint that’.  I've done a couple of 'Fight' and 'Attack' series of illustrations. I've always loved drawing really grotesque scenes and I particularly love painting strange beasts biting legs off of naked humans!

"My name is Max! I'm a 2 year old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix. My dad tells people that I'm a "Goldbrador" - I don't know what that means but it sounds chic, I love it! My schedule is quiet busy: walking, playing, eating, napping, smiling, and posing most of the time. Speaking about posing, my day job, as a pre-light model and studio assistant, is to keep everybody happy on dad's set. Aside from that, I try hard to push the limits, to get what I want from everybody (i.e. sad looks, overt tenderness when sitting next to the pizza, those kind of things...). Indeed, one day I might quit my day job to become an actor! We'll see!"