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When people hear the words dog bed in a sentence, their first instinct is to picture some plush  bed (in)conveniently placed on the floor of their home. But lately, designers such as Architecture for Dogs and Yark have struck an innovative, yet cohesive, balance between the animal and interior design worlds. These designers have truly taken the time to craft pieces of decor that not only blend into your furniture style, but also make a statement in the most direct way: we love our dogs,cats and birds, and most importantly, we are CHIC. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite pieces thus far! They are all innovative and can amplify the ambiance in any setting. These pieces aren't just for the animals, they are for the adoring owner's eyes as well!

Everyone complains about the summer ending, going back to work and the end of bottomless brunches! Fall gets met with so much trepidation and greeted with a bad rap! We at Mrs. Sizzle love the Fall! With Fall comes the best weather for dog walking, pumpkin spiced everything and our ultimate favorite: layering!  This year, Fall is the season of the hound...houndstooth that is! Houndstooth, subtle but distinguished pattern, is a layers-lover's dream! Here is some of our must have houndstooth pieces for you and your hound!

The dog days are not over just yet! Rather than mope that summer is ending, I suggest eating away your feelings. I know, I know, emotional eating is wrong so why not bring your dog along? That way, after you enjoy stuffing your face, you and your four legged best friend can walk it all off!