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jesse freidin likes to look into dog's eyes

Jesse Friedin, photographer, animal lover and creator of meaningful projects is how I like to refer to him.  I met this ambitious man in San Francisco a few years ago while doing a job andsince that time I have watched his work blossom and wanted to share that you too could have a Jesse Friedin portrait of your dog should you so desire.  He shares with me his passion for pets and how he got into this business.

I found this Valentine’s card in my files recently; I used to receive them every year from my old friend Larry Sultan.  Larry passed away in 2009 and it rocked me. The last time I spoke to him, we shared stories of our cancers and the Indian nurse that he saw in New York.  I miss that dear man, so I wanted to share this with you all - a bit belated, Valentine-wise, but close enough!

"Bubba, Bichon-Shih Tzu, age 7-1/2, Taurus (like me), constant companion, photo muse, self-portrait partner. A gypsy by nature (or maybe that's me), road-trip navigator and shotgun-rider on three cross-country trips, favors motel hallways and elevators, lives part-time in Uruguay, afraid of horses and cats, loves chorizo. He's featured in three of my photo series (so far) and can often be found modeling on my instagram feed."