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Stacy Fischer introduced me to Kimberly this Fall. I knew her work from BARK magazine and was so taken with her profile of William Wegman who had also told me about her work.  Kimberly is a visual storyteller who loves to hang with artists with the intention of seeing them cultivate and sustain their creativity.  I asked Kimberly what it was like to spend time with Wegman observing him and his art.

I met this FABULOUS illustrator, THE DOGOPHILE, on my favorite platform INSTAGRAM and was immediately smitten with the hysterical drawings and equally engaging canine captions.  As the timing of my discovery was during New York Fashion week I decided that we should have some fun capturing some of the fashions from Milan in addition to running a few of Lucy Marshall's previous drawings from her feed.

As you all know one of my favorite activities is being glued to Instagram and following the suggestion of accounts of other dog people I admire! So, @growlmama, when I finally get to meet you, I will hug you, for one of the brilliant accounts you led me to was this:  Kate Perry of RED CHALK, who is a wonderful illustrator and was inspired by one of my photos enough to do it doggie justice with a drawing!  Lucky Raggio, you made the Australian cut!  As you would assume, I reached out and here is the "poop" on Kate and her wonderful illustrations!

I was so psyched to come across Faye Moorhouse's brilliant illustration on Instagram.  I asked what made her tick and this is what I got:
"I’m inspired by strange stories I hear or weird looking people I see. I hear or read something and then think ‘I MUST paint that’.  I've done a couple of 'Fight' and 'Attack' series of illustrations. I've always loved drawing really grotesque scenes and I particularly love painting strange beasts biting legs off of naked humans!

I have admired the art of Christoph Niemann for some time now and my curiosity got to me so I reached out.  This is the genius response I got:

"Thank you so much for your kind note! I looked at your blog and this is all very inspiring indeed!  I have a silkscreen print of a dog (well...Kind of a dog at least).  Not sure if this is what you had in mind but here it is nevertheless."

I love what I got and if you are a fan like me you can now own this heavenly piece of art by clicking HERE.

It has definitely been a cat week here at Mrs. Sizzle and this is a favorite painting of mine by my friend, David Konigsberg.  He has a show called, "Nigh Season", that opens this evening in Larchmont at Kenise Barnes Fine Art on Palmer Avenue.  The opening this evening for the artist is from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Crawl over to meet the artist!

JEFF SCHER wants a dog. In the meantime playing with Sid will have to do.

I can't stop watching this hilarious play between man and beast.  As Jeff puts it, “This film was entirely the dog’s idea. I just supplied the rubber pork chop and the camera.  SID and I shared a summer house on Shelter Island, he belonged to famed graphic designer Paul Sahr. Sid was a foot long and in his prime had more energy than a sack of bedsprings and a stick of dynamite. 

My Dog Hikes and swims and plays and licks and shakes - a short by Kloss Films

My Dog Hikes sent me this sweet video that one of Andrea's clients, Alec Maxwell of Kloss Filmsmade last week!

Alec on Andrea, "'Ru is in love with Andrea and My Dog Hikes. As you can see the pack run and swim all day long. Ru is able to burn tons of boston terrier energy in the beautiful country side and return home sleepy and content. I love at the end of the video, when Ru is back in the car, you can see exactly how exhausted he is."

"Even while I was enjoying a 20-odd year stint as a travel writer, features journalist and magazine editor, I was always looking around for a valid reason to hang out with dogs all day. In 2012, I started indulging my hankering to paint, and I found that as I progressed, my subject matter became more and more canine – in a wry, not-too-serious way. I was hooked on the many expressions of every pooch I came across. Dog lovers responded by smiling, and Hangdog was born. It’s now an online shop selling fine art prints, stationery and textiles with an ironic, light hearted, doggish bent."  - Megan Anderson