Suzanne was the  executive photo director of Glamour Magazine,, Glam Latina and, which together draw 18 million readers and visitors each month from 2002 to 2104.  While at Glamour, under Suzanne’s visual direction, Glamour has received numerous awards, includingMagazine of the Year in 2010 and a National Magazine Award for general excellence in 2005. Suzanne was responsible for branding of the magazine. She sourced and nurtured new talent in the course of the redesign, and partnered with the creative and fashion directors to develop stories for each issue. She directed photographers from image concepts through execution.  At Glamour, Suzanne ran a department of 10 and managed a $3.9 million annual photo budget. In addition, she worked closely with Conde Nast Corporate to develop a digital archive system that is now used universally across all the company’s publications and websites.