We were hired by Koneko to do PR and positioning for the lower east side cat café.  Mrs. Sizzle called upon David Williams to shoot the interiors that were ultimately used for their website and social media campaigns. Positive press was garnered from such publications as the New York Times, The Gothamist and The Huffington Post.  In addition, Mrs. Sizzle was the driving force behind Koneko’s movie night, coloring book night ad the Walter Chandoah Aperture Party.

Owner Joe Crump of Radical Media says, "Finding and hiring Suzanne Donaldson, aka Mrs. Sizzle, was one of the biggest keys to the success of Koneko. I’ve spent a lot of time around PR people, and I found Suzanne’s approach to PR and event planning – and her results – to be both surprising and rare. She is a passionate Animal Person, a deeply talented creative force, and an expert in social media – so her strategies and ideas have tremendous authenticity, creative edge, and viral share-ability. These are all things that brands need to break through clutter and really connect with audiences. Plus, she’s a joy to work with. Suzanne has been our secret weapon."