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Mrs. Sizzle's dog gone Fall book round up

Mrs. Sizzle's dog gone Fall book round up

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I am thrilled to talk about something near and dear to my heart - photos of dogs! The Fall has arrived and with it, and the leaves, came a slew of amazing books that will make your tail wag.  If fact, I am honored to have worked with a few of the authors listed here and would say that I look forward to meeting the rest!

We start by introducing Sophie Gamand and her wonderful new book, WET DOG which is already Amazon's October pick! How could it not be...dogs always look so helpless and funny, and Sophie has such a good rapport with these creatures that her portraits are unforgettable.

Next on to my dog crush.  The objects of my affection, you ask: two Dachshund's and a Weimaraner. See why with the new release of their second book entitled, HARLOW & SAGE (and REESE): A true story about best friends...and siblings too!

I also present Elias Friedman, The Dogist, who has recently come out with his new book, THE DOGIST: Photographic Encounters with 1000 Dogs.  Over the last year, I have worked with Elias several times shooting dogs that are up for adoption.  Our most inspired shoot included my friends Emily Holland and Laurel Pantin who brought a bagful of goodies to dress up the dogs and use as props. As you can see above, it was a good time and everyone was adopted quickly.

Speaking of adoption, Fred Levy tackled the subject of "Black Dog Syndrome" in his poignant book BLACK DOG PROJECT  Levy photographed many black dogs in his home and the result is an arresting array of beauties.

A DOG NAMED JIMMY is super fun book to browse by artist and photographer Rafeal Mantesso which was released a bit earlier this Fall but not to be ignored!  I was lucky enough to have a tiny exchange with Rafeal a few weeks ago and this is what he shared:

On how art relates to Jimmy? "The artist is Jimmy. He is the chosen one, the one that shines. I'm just the guy pointing the camera at him and clicking."
On the book itself:  "It is basically a coffee table book with 120 photos, 100 of them are completely new. It is our history together -  how I met Jimmy, the transition from my divorce to my life now and the star is Jimmy".
On what lies ahead? "SECRET!"  of course....

New too is Maira Kalman’s Beloved Dog. Maria loves to draw.  But wait, I will be back with more after visiting her home next week!

Finally, two very different kind of books that speak for themselves, not pictured here but that I highly recommend are THE TOTAL DOG MANUAL and REPORTING FOR DUTY. One is a complete guide to all things relating to dogs written by David Meyer, Abbie Moore and Dr. Pia Salk. The other a beautiful book, photographed and written by Tracy Libby, "details how these brave men and women who served our country are overcoming obstacles with the help of their service dogs, some of which saved their lives."


My cousin, Crazy Sexy Kris Carr a goddess but her dog Buddy is my true hero