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Are you willing to fight for your dog? Chrissy Beckles is and would love to show you how she does it for The Sato Project.

N O  O R D I N A R Y   G I R L S is an all-female boxing event and fundraiser taking place at the mecca of boxing, the world-famous Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn. 
The event will support The Sato Project in its efforts to rescue abused and abandoned dogs from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. The Sato Project's own fearless Founder and President, Chrissy "Boom Boom" Beckles will step through the ropes to fight so the dogs of Puerto Rico don't have to.  Come celebrate, encourage and applaud Chrissy and the other incredible women willing to put on the gloves to support this cause. All proceeds from the event will go directly toward The Sato Project's rescue work.  Make a donation today.

And while we are talking about The Sato Project I wanted to share my brother and sister in law's story about a dog names Stellaluna that they JUST adopted from this very rescue group.

doug donaldson mrs sizzle.jpeg
My brother Doug and Stella on the beach in New Jersey

My brother Doug and Stella on the beach in New Jersey

"It all started 11 years ago on beautiful Jobos Beach in Puerto Rico near the town of Isabela.  A little black spot in the sand at dusk turned out to be the sweetest little pup. Daughter Olivia scooped her up and the rest is history. Izzy was the light of our lives and our collie shepherd rescue, Cooper, adored her.

So, this spring, when we lost Izzy to a horrible disease, which we had never even heard of, called IMHA, we were devastated.  We were familiar with an organization that rescued dogs from Puerto Rico, called The SATO Project, and we knew that Izzy would want us to rescue one of her "brothers" or "sisters".  After our initial inquiry, the great folks at The SATO Project sent us a picture of "Bonnie" who was being fostered in PR. We saw a few pictures and a video and decided she was the one. In just a few short weeks, "Bonnie", now Stellaluna, has moved into our home and our hearts – even our old man, Cooper, is acting like a pup again. 

The beach that had once made her fearful is now a place to play and each time we go she gets more confident, knowing that there is love and warmth in her future."    -Julie Donaldson

Stella at the beach now.

Stella at the beach now.

Elinor Carucci is thinking about getting a dog

Who really does run the roost at Nadine Johnson PR? Lupo wanted to share with us that he really is top dog.