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When I grow up I want a job like David Boals. I actually wouldn't mind Bruno Staub's either.

David and his wife, photo agent Chris Boals, have been friends of mine for years so, don't you know, Mrs.Sizzle's ears perked up when she heard that David started running with a pack of dogs.  Even better, one of Chris' photographers, Bruno Staub, was up for following David one day and the result speaks for itself.  I had to ask David how he got into his new career.

While “Surfing” the Internet, I came across an amazing dog that actually SURFS! Who freakin’ knew that a dog could surf? Not I!!!  So, it was with great excitement and interest that I reached out to Michael Uy, the man behind, to get the scoop, and was I delighted to learn more about their amazing story, as well as Mike’s refreshing approach to bonding with his dog.

Everyone and their furry mother has been stuck feeling this insane heat wave taking the east coast by storm...

If you are hot and sticky, just try to imagine what it feels like to be wearing a fur coat 24.7! 

Here are some few tips to keep those troopers as comfortable as possible until this heat wave subsides:

My Dog Hikes and swims and plays and licks and shakes - a short by Kloss Films

My Dog Hikes sent me this sweet video that one of Andrea's clients, Alec Maxwell of Kloss Filmsmade last week!

Alec on Andrea, "'Ru is in love with Andrea and My Dog Hikes. As you can see the pack run and swim all day long. Ru is able to burn tons of boston terrier energy in the beautiful country side and return home sleepy and content. I love at the end of the video, when Ru is back in the car, you can see exactly how exhausted he is."

Architect Christine MacNeill started the Doberman Gang of NYC in 2013 in part to find playmates for her high-enegy puppy, Lucy, and to find like-minded people who love the breed. Today, the group, which has 60 members on its Meetup page and has all kinds of dogs, from show dogs to shelter rescues, gathers regularly to burn off the abundant energy--both physical and mental--for which the Doberman Pinscher is famous. 

I met Matt Bogosian years ago in New York city and when he found out that I had gone to the dogs he reached out to tell me about his latest venture! After working as a studio manager in New York City for 8 years, Matt eventually made his way to Vermont where he met his girlfriend Rhonda who owns Vermont Dog Pack and co-owns Vermont Dog Socials. 

The Whys and Hows of Raw Food  

I was introduced to Natasha through a dear friend Alanna Heiss and I appreciated sharing notes with Natasha about our love for animals.  She has answered many questions for me and I though this was such an interesting article about the topic - RAW FOOD.  I myself am not a fully raw practicer but should it be a curiosity for you this is great information. Hear what Natasha has to say!


So between the controversy with raw hide and the smell of Bullie breath (you all know what that means!), I had to reach out to someone in the know! Alanna Heiss had told me about this brilliant vet out of Philadelphia who is an expert on all things holistic and good for animals! I was perplexed - Bullie sticks, pig feet, antlers, which is it!! Natasha Kassell's reply was this!

I met John for the first time a few weeks ago and am undone by his dedication to animals and hard work to raise awareness of adoption.  A brilliant clothing designer and founder of his most recent line, "The Tiny Tim Collection", John is always working to help raise funds for independent rescue groups all over the country.  Check out his amazing designs here and help animals everywhere!

Nina Ottosson is a Swedish pet game designer. She founded the company in 1990 with the goal to create toys and games to get your pet off the couch. Her toys and games mentally and physically stimulate dogs with problem solving and obedience training. All toys are made from wood and non toxic plastic, making it safe for your dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, iguana, even mini pig! Order some up now and get Fido challenged and happy.

Or at least he did make it while I was there at the studio that day.  So, I was nervous before the visit, that I might be the only dog owner in the world to have dogs, well not really, that like to jump up on people. It was just not so.  Wegman's dogs do the same thing and his dogs are bigger than my dogs. This is what he says about two of them, "Topper is the biggest trouble maker. He sometimes bites Flo's back leg when Flo is introducing herself to visitors. He barks a lot. But he's a great dog." I loved being able to go meet the dogs.

 I love Instagram because I found this AMAZING couple, Andres and Natalie, who own a company called BARKHAUS in Miami that is a day care and boarding for dogs. It grew out of their passion for animals and helping friends.  When they had more fun with their dogs than their day jobs, Barkhaus was born and what a compassionate and amazing company they have now. Not to mention that they are GREAT photographers. Seen here are Bonnie and Mac, the first dogs they adopted together and the beginning of the BARKHAUS family.