All in Food

Editorial Director of The Window at Barneys, Marissa Rosenblum, called me in to do what I now seem to think I do best - gather a team of dogs and photographer to join Barneys in their April 1st canine gathering.
We met at Freds over the course of two days with a total of 13 dogs and more luscious looking food than we knew what to do with.  Lens-woman Amy Lombard kept cool amidst puppies walking on pizzas and unimpressed dogs.  

As a two-time cancer survivor, there is very little that takes me down. I live in New York, have worked for the best artists, galleries, and magazines and have excelled at my career.  I have held senior positions at Glamour Magazine, Vanity Fair, Oprah and SELF, to name a few, and even worked for the renowned artist Robert Mapplethorpe. If something bad or challenging comes my way, I face it head on. Unflappable to a fault, you might say.

Jane Seymour was introduced to me through the brilliant Richard Phibbs.  As a fellow dog and animal lover I was thrilled to know that she most recently became the the Creative Director at the non-profit animal charity Friends of Animals. In doing so she and her Mom put together this sweet dog biscuit cookbook For the Love of Dog Biscuits.  As she informed me, "all proceeds go towards our spay / neuter program that offers low cost certificates to people nationwide. The book consists of 12 delicious and healthy recipes, one for each month in the year, and was written by my mother (the president of the company) and photographed / designed by me." My suggestion to all you dog lovers that knows what tickles your dog's tummies is to order one up and know that it is also the perfect gift for the holidays!!! 

The Whys and Hows of Raw Food  

I was introduced to Natasha through a dear friend Alanna Heiss and I appreciated sharing notes with Natasha about our love for animals.  She has answered many questions for me and I though this was such an interesting article about the topic - RAW FOOD.  I myself am not a fully raw practicer but should it be a curiosity for you this is great information. Hear what Natasha has to say!


So between the controversy with raw hide and the smell of Bullie breath (you all know what that means!), I had to reach out to someone in the know! Alanna Heiss had told me about this brilliant vet out of Philadelphia who is an expert on all things holistic and good for animals! I was perplexed - Bullie sticks, pig feet, antlers, which is it!! Natasha Kassell's reply was this!

The dog days are not over just yet! Rather than mope that summer is ending, I suggest eating away your feelings. I know, I know, emotional eating is wrong so why not bring your dog along? That way, after you enjoy stuffing your face, you and your four legged best friend can walk it all off! 

EVER.  Did I mention I love this store?  Whether you have a fish, a bird, a cat, a dog or a horse, (and I know I am forgetting something!) this is the place for you.  John Colondona owns it and Sam and Deb are at the front always ready to greet you and help you out on anything you might need.  What else do I like about this place?  They promote awareness about shelter animals and do so much to help animals in need.  Thank you Shirley Feed!