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Editorial Director of The Window at Barneys, Marissa Rosenblum, called me in to do what I now seem to think I do best - gather a team of dogs and photographer to join Barneys in their April 1st canine gathering.
We met at Freds over the course of two days with a total of 13 dogs and more luscious looking food than we knew what to do with.  Lens-woman Amy Lombard kept cool amidst puppies walking on pizzas and unimpressed dogs.  

In Mrs. Sizzle's opinion the most fun time of the canine year just came and went: New York Fashion Week. But seeing as how the newest VIP was our very own Edie Sizzle, we think of this glamorous week more like New York Fashion Leash. Whether she’s sporting her new neon orange leash, matching booties, and comfy tribal sweater or color blocking with a cozy white sweater and black paw boots, or keeping it casual with a black cover up and neon booties for a pop of color, Edie was as trendy as our fave fashion A-listers. Without a doubt, our favorite look has got to be her unseasonably bright multi-color top with matching neon and light pink leashes. With as many looks as the leggy supermodels strutting down the runway, Edie took NYFL by storm. Mrs. Sizzle is a proud mama.


I never thought the day would come when there would be doggie perfume.  Hailing from Australia and fresh to the market is Harriott & Hound a delictable scent that every pooch will howl over.  Gilly Harriott, the canine lover behind H&H, had always dreamed of creating a dog perfume for her best friend in the world, Hefner her Spoodle. With over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry and a deep love for dogs, Gilly decided to merge her passions and create this beautiful, dog-safe range of perfume and cologne with her motto in mind: "If it's good enough for humans it's good enough for my dog".

Mrs sizzle visits FAYE and stella Mcleod with photographer landon nordeman

I originally met Faye McLeod poolside at a friend’s house a few summers ago, fabulous but dog-less.  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered she had a dog, but not any dog, surely the best accessorized dog on the planet.  And it’s no small wonder that Stella, the mini Havapoo, is as such for her Mom is the visual image director of Louis Vuitton and travels the globe for her job.  During Faye’s inspired travels, she hits up the chicest dog spots around the world, so Mrs. Sizzle had to get the scoop on where the best products are found.  I spent a rainy afternoon with Faye and Landon Nordeman, fashion photographer, with Stella chasing avocados and other fuzzy wonders.

Chloe the mini frenchie is having the time of her life

As it seems with all my new friends these days, I met this incredible woman and her dog on INSTAGRAM.  Seeing that it has now become an Olympic sport for me, it’s no surprise that the cute feed of @CHLOETHEMINIFRENCHIE became a regular in mine.  We met for the first time during an April Fool's shoot for Barneys and later followed up at various dog centric functions.  NO WONDER this dog has so many followers - she is cute as a button, and, as I have shared with her Mom, if the dog is missing, please come looking at my house! Amy Lombard came along for my playdate with Chloe!

Robert Stoetzel photographed some beauties from Animal Haven #takemehome

Last week Robert Stoetzel and I went to Animal Haven mobile until located at 200 Centre Street to photograph some of the dogs that were visiting and up for adoption while the new space is being renovated.  On hand was my intern, Anna Capel, and Tiffany Lacey stopped by to say hello and give me a tour.  A great day was had by all. Consider adopting one of these gems.

LONDON CALLING, Elle meets Winny and the rest is fashion history

My dear friend Colleen Quill aka Coco and her dog Elle, an oftentimes Mrs. Sizzle model, packed up and headed to London last year.  As one often does in looking for new local friends, Coco turned to Instagram to find other like minded paw friendly people.  As she tells it, "We moved to London in May. Shortly afterwards, Elle connected with Winny on Instagram, being local and so very British, we were besotted. The first thing we asked "is he named for Winston Churchill?" The answer being "yes," a royal friendship began in the Kensington Palace Gardens. Bodhi is the two-year-old English bulldog, who belongs to my friend Seb Weller I met while we were both working at Sony Music."


Sometimes good things do come in three’s. We here at Mrs. Sizzle are giving an ode to the original color triad that started it all: red, yellow, and blue-the primary colors. With so many primary choices, we’ve rounded up some gifts that puppy will love, and don’t worry, some goodies for you as well. Bonus points for matching!

CUT it OUT DENISE! A San Francisco artist and her scissors

How divine are these please!? Imagine artist Denise Fiedler in San Francisco collaging her life away! As she calls it the collages are her reuse project- "I use vintage and discarded books for the collage paper." First she paints the subjects and then her scissors go wild.  Of course what caught my eye were the dogs as my best friend Peg Patterson gave me some from her store DISH in Hudson, but the people are pretty exciting too.
To learn more about how to get your pets portrait done click here. It's so fun!