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Editorial Director of The Window at Barneys, Marissa Rosenblum, called me in to do what I now seem to think I do best - gather a team of dogs and photographer to join Barneys in their April 1st canine gathering.
We met at Freds over the course of two days with a total of 13 dogs and more luscious looking food than we knew what to do with.  Lens-woman Amy Lombard kept cool amidst puppies walking on pizzas and unimpressed dogs.  

What do Comicon and I have in common? Superheroes, however mine are of the four- legged variety. At the suggestion of my clever friend Laura Hughes, I decided to put the two together. I invited Amy Lombard to shoot the event and what a time we had!  The day started with prolific Kevin Conroy, the brilliant actor and the voice of Batman! Edie and Clair donned Batman and Robin outfits with Kevin modeling sans costume. The rest of the day was catch can. Dogs were cast off the street and Marnie came and did a cameo. All in all a brilliant doggie day!

ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, MY OLD BOSS, DID TAKE A DOG PICTURE OR TWO and some of them now appear in the new book entitled, "Robert Mapplethorpe - The Archive" by Frances Terpak and Michelle Brunnick

Thankfully I am able to expand on this notion of Robert and dogs to announce a new book out entitled, "Robert Mapplethorpe: The Archive", by Frances Terpak and Michelle Brunnick.  It is with painstaking detail that this meticulous collection of Mapplethopre art and artifacts are brought to life by the two authors. Robert Mapplethorpe was my boss and a prolific artist.  He, "challenged the limits of censorship and conformity, combining technical and formal mastery with unexpected, often provocative content that secured his place in history. Mapplethorpe’s artistic vision helped shape the social and cultural fabric of the 1970s and ’80s and, following his death in 1989 from AIDS, informed the political landscape of the 1990s. His photographic works continue to resonate with audiences all over the world.


I discovered these brilliant images of the Westminster Dog show when reading Judith Newman's insightful piece in the New York Times this weekend.  Not only was the article fascinating but the images were arresting.  I had to find out about this Jonno guy!  Apparently, he has been at his craft for some time and was honored last year in PDN's prestigious 30 under 30 award - one of Mrs. Sizzle's favorites.  Leave it to team Sizzle to ask this guy all kinds of questions about his experience at the show!

Dogs howling and teeth chattering  were the sounds that split the night in Times Square Monday late Monday evening. A magical event, in the heart of the city, on the steps of Duffy Square…a Midnight Moment, Laurie Anderson’s mesmerizing music. Music and dog lovers huddled close while the dog friendly frequency of Ms Anderson’s music inspired rhapsodic howls from the crowd.

DUDES, this girl BRANDY surfs and she is so good at it! We first learned about surfing dogs when Mrs. Sizzle spotted Abbie on Instagram. It was there she learned about these cross training dogs and their superhuman humans that are all about keeping their dogs engaged and happy.  I was all over it!  We then came to discover the amazing Brandy who defies all pug stereotypes and gets out there to do her thing.  And her thing is BIG - not only does she surf but she snowboards too.  In fact this dog is up for the HOT DOG category for the CW's World Dog Awards to air on January.  In order to understand how a pug started surfing we asked her dad a few q's and this is what we got.

One can barely imagine that after driving through the heat and traffic that you could come upon a place as glorious as Edwina von Gal's home aka The PRFCT place. What the hell does that mean a PRFCT place? Thank God Edwina was there to shed some light on this GREEN topic! I consider myself pretty smart ( although I did walk into a puppy store to buy my gays and THAT changed my life furever...#adoptdontshop now tatooed on my body ) but I needed to be told about her mission and why its so important!