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Last night, the photographer David Williams and I went to Matilda the cat's birthday at The Algonquin Hotel.  This is a hotel tradition that dates back the the 30's when the first stray Matilda walked in to the hotel looking for a hot meal and a bed.  The hotel is now on their third Matilda and the party has become quite a celebration of cat lovers much to the delight of the host of the party, Alice de Almeida.

WELCOME to the Park Hyatt NYC where dogs are people too

In the city that never sleeps, dog owners find it difficult to stay at a luxury hotel that allows pups to rest their heads. Since its opening last August, the Park Hyatt NYC has become a haven for just that. Just a short two block walk from Central Park, the Park Hyatt combines the chic atmosphere of a city hotel with the added comfort of bringing your furry friend.  In addition to having the best amenities for pooches, The Park Hyatt NY donates 100% of the overnight dog fee to Friends of Finn and The Humane Society of the United States.  

The first launch of MY PET AND ME collection from SWATCH US was a great success in downtown Austin!!! Drinks were poured, delicious dog bone shaped pretzels from Fat Belly Pretzels were served and some of Austin's INSTA famous dogs were in tow.

I think the dog that stole my heart was MARTA, a rescued Pug with @LizFarrington who was found in a parking lot at WALMART.  Vote Marta for @pug_rescue_austin Prom Queen! is Spain's dog friendly website: I travel around with Colega, my patient mutt, and sniff out the best cafes, shops, art galleries and even hair salons where dogs are welcome. Our aim is to make life with a dog in the city much more fun and varied. We also promote a culture where educated dogs can access many more public areas than now: I’m certain that, in some strange way, dogs make a city much more human. They make us better people.

It was the most gorgeous celebration for National Puppy at the Highline Hotel yesterday! Tuna Melts My Heart, Toast Meets World and Friends of Finn sat on propped personalized pillows from WAGGO to greet the crowds! Photos were had, rescue dogs looked for new owners, and people shopped, all in honor of Amanda Hearst's Friends of Finn organization which helps the Humane Society and raises awareness about puppy mills.

Andrea Klein moved to New York City to begin her life in corporate america. One day while hanging out in central park, she saw a man walking with eight dogs that she assumed were all his. Turns out the man was a dog walker, a foreign concept for Andrea. Always a dog lover, she asked the dog walker if she could work for him and she was instantly hired. Fast forward to seven years ago, Andrea began My Dog Hikes, a company that takes the posh New York City dog out into the woods to hike.