All in Walking

When I grow up I want a job like David Boals. I actually wouldn't mind Bruno Staub's either.

David and his wife, photo agent Chris Boals, have been friends of mine for years so, don't you know, Mrs.Sizzle's ears perked up when she heard that David started running with a pack of dogs.  Even better, one of Chris' photographers, Bruno Staub, was up for following David one day and the result speaks for itself.  I had to ask David how he got into his new career.

Andrea Klein moved to New York City to begin her life in corporate america. One day while hanging out in central park, she saw a man walking with eight dogs that she assumed were all his. Turns out the man was a dog walker, a foreign concept for Andrea. Always a dog lover, she asked the dog walker if she could work for him and she was instantly hired. Fast forward to seven years ago, Andrea began My Dog Hikes, a company that takes the posh New York City dog out into the woods to hike.

Or at least he did make it while I was there at the studio that day.  So, I was nervous before the visit, that I might be the only dog owner in the world to have dogs, well not really, that like to jump up on people. It was just not so.  Wegman's dogs do the same thing and his dogs are bigger than my dogs. This is what he says about two of them, "Topper is the biggest trouble maker. He sometimes bites Flo's back leg when Flo is introducing herself to visitors. He barks a lot. But he's a great dog." I loved being able to go meet the dogs.