While “Surfing” the Internet, I came across an amazing dog that actually SURFS! Who freakin’ knew that a dog could surf? Not I!!!  So, it was with great excitement and interest that I reached out to Michael Uy, the man behind, to get the scoop, and was I delighted to learn more about their amazing story, as well as Mike’s refreshing approach to bonding with his dog.

After the first stressful 20 min, during which we anticipate the familiar noise emanating from the back, we settle in…even though Zara will continue to puke every few hours, Zen will get bored and start to chew on the seats, one of the two will start to smell really, really bad, and both will force us to pull over what seems like every 5 minutes for a bathroom break. If you can’t already tell, our road trip is essentially a dog and owner’s nightmare. is Spain's dog friendly website: I travel around with Colega, my patient mutt, and sniff out the best cafes, shops, art galleries and even hair salons where dogs are welcome. Our aim is to make life with a dog in the city much more fun and varied. We also promote a culture where educated dogs can access many more public areas than now: I’m certain that, in some strange way, dogs make a city much more human. They make us better people.