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While I was at GLAMOUR Magazine years ago, a series of videos called SHIT GIRLS SAY created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard were released.  I found these especially hilarious as  one of the "so called" bosses in the video kept yelling "WHAT'S MY PASSWORD?", eerily reminiscent of what I used to sound like from my desk at Glamour .  Not only did it resonate with me but also with the rest of the country and became an instant viral sensation. Happily in my new dog life I recently came across a series of animal videos that equally astonished me and I was able to reach out to Graydon Sheppard, the genius behind all of this furry fun and ask him a few Q's:

JEFF SCHER wants a dog. In the meantime playing with Sid will have to do.

I can't stop watching this hilarious play between man and beast.  As Jeff puts it, “This film was entirely the dog’s idea. I just supplied the rubber pork chop and the camera.  SID and I shared a summer house on Shelter Island, he belonged to famed graphic designer Paul Sahr. Sid was a foot long and in his prime had more energy than a sack of bedsprings and a stick of dynamite. 

My Dog Hikes and swims and plays and licks and shakes - a short by Kloss Films

My Dog Hikes sent me this sweet video that one of Andrea's clients, Alec Maxwell of Kloss Filmsmade last week!

Alec on Andrea, "'Ru is in love with Andrea and My Dog Hikes. As you can see the pack run and swim all day long. Ru is able to burn tons of boston terrier energy in the beautiful country side and return home sleepy and content. I love at the end of the video, when Ru is back in the car, you can see exactly how exhausted he is."