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Faye Moorehouse is a brilliant illustrator with a gruesome mind that we love

mrs sizzle faye moorehouse.jpg
mrssizzlefaye moorehouse.jpg
Faye and her dog   @jacktzubear

Faye and her dog @jacktzubear

I was so psyched to come across Faye Moorhouse's brilliant illustrations on Instagram.  I asked what made her tick and this is what I got:
"I’m inspired by strange stories I hear or weird looking people I see. I hear or read something and then think ‘I MUST paint that’.  I've done a couple of 'Fight' and 'Attack' series of illustrations. I've always loved drawing really grotesque scenes and I particularly love painting strange beasts biting legs off of naked humans! One day I plan to make a picture book for adults telling the story of a town terrorized by mythical beasts. 

We've recently got our first dog Bear, he's now nearly seven months old and we've had him since eight weeks. 
I was really keen to adopt an older dog and that had always been my plan, but because we live in a first-floor city flat we really struggled to find somewhere that would let us adopt. I'm guessing in NYC shelters are more inclined to consider people in flats but in the UK I just couldn't find anywhere. It's such a shame as I work from home and little Bear gets about four - five walks a day in our local parks and at the beach probably more than most dogs with a garden!
Anyway, we got this puppy and our world was turned upside down, he was a bundle of cuteness but also very naughty and such hard work. There were days I would think 'I just can't do this!' but now he is calming down we can't imagine life without him!
He is a Jack Russell x Shih Tzu - A Jack Shit!"  THANK YOU FAYE!

rob younkers and joe zee dressed their dogs and Pamela Hanson was there to watch the whole show

rob younkers and joe zee dressed their dogs and Pamela Hanson was there to watch the whole show

DOGS and denim are a winning combination in the dog days of summer