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Here's Ella Bean the Insta-famous dog and a behind the scenes look at a busy day in her life

Striking a pose, just another day in the life of  Ella Bean .  Photo by:  Alex Ulreich

Striking a pose, just another day in the life of Ella Bean.  Photo by: Alex Ulreich

This one...Ok she may be small but I think she is larger than life! Chic, quirky, positive are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Ella Bean the Dog but go ahead and see for yourself.  Mrs. Sizzle grilled her the other week!

So Ella tell us where you are right now?
Currently home, lounging in my king-sized bed that I'm generous enough to share with my brother Louis.
What's on your agenda today?
I'm starting my morning with a brisk walk, a breakfast of duck or rabbit, then I'll spend some time focusing on my social media streams (EllaBeanTheDog on Snapchat, ahem). After a nap or three, I'll spend some time focusing on my forthcoming luxury canine outerwear line, which I'm hoping to get into production soon. Tonight, I'll work on some custom clothing for my friend Chloe  - she's been extremely supportive of my burgeoning design career.
Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up?
I was born in captivity, in a puppy mill. Puppy mills are horrible farms where they breed dogs in deplorable conditions, sacrificing health of the dogs for profit. I was pulled out of a cage and brought to a shelter before I was old enough to be used as a puppy mill mom (we believe that's why I was held captive for so long). So many dogs you see for sale online or in pet stores come from horrible farms like the one I was raised in, which is why I'm so passionate about pet rescue.
How did you get to your new home?
My lady human saw me in a cage at the shelter and I wiggled my ears at her. I've always been quite charming and strategic in that way. My lady human understood this message and pulled me from the shelter. I've never looked back since. 
Who is your favorite team for hair and makeup?
Hannah, who owns The Urban Groomer is responsible for my coif. I prefer an extra fluffy vibe, and she gets me.
Do you brush your teeth?
If I had more teeth to brush, I'd most certainly brush them. Unfortunately, my early life caused a great deal of health problems that resulted in me losing almost all my teeth. The remaining few are brushed frequently, but I prefer to chew bones. 
And tell us about that divine motorcycle jacket?
The moto jacket was my very first design! I was lucky enough to walk the runway in one Fashion Week. However, being that I'm a dog, that was obviously equivalent to seven fashion weeks. While I love modeling, it's not quite enough of a creative outlet for me, so I've started designing my own collection of luxury clothing. My urban lifestyle really inspires my designs, so for now I'm focusing on outerwear for F/W 15.
What's your biggest dream appearance?
New York Fashion Week, but I'd like to appear as a designer, not a model. There will be a fab after-party. Don't worry Mrs. Sizzle, you'll be invited.

I promise you will not be able to keep your paws off of the new PET PEOPLE magazine

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