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It's no surprise that fashion designer Rachel Antonoff's dog does clothes so well but prefers being naked

This week we visit the apartment of Rachel Antonoff the super duper inspired fashion designer and cutie extraordinaire.  Although Mrs. Sizzle got lost in the rain she was relieved to get to the cozy apartment with the barking dog, none other than Lafitte Antonoff.  Amy Lombard was on hand to photograph and there to help us look stylish was the brilliant DOG & CO.!  I had to ask Rachel many questions about this handsome scruffy dude.


There is nothing I love more than friends reaching out to me with their rescue stories.  Not only does it give me great joy, but it is the most aspirational way to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and share about our commonality - LOVE FOR ANIMALS. SO, it was with great pleasure that I heard from friend and photographer Melanie Acevedo who wanted to share her pics and story about her dogs and their role in the home.

As with many modern-day romances, my husband and I first met Merle online. We were scrolling through Petfinder, and came across a photo of a dumpling-shaped, impossibly adorable puppy named Limo. A few emails later, we learned Limo was unavailable, but that he had a brother named Charlos.

It was the most gorgeous celebration for National Puppy at the Highline Hotel yesterday! Tuna Melts My Heart, Toast Meets World and Friends of Finn sat on propped personalized pillows from WAGGO to greet the crowds! Photos were had, rescue dogs looked for new owners, and people shopped, all in honor of Amanda Hearst's Friends of Finn organization which helps the Humane Society and raises awareness about puppy mills.

THE DOGIST writes: Olive & Buttercup, Pit Bull/terrier mix (2 y/o & 8 w/o; Mother and pup) – available for adoption from Bully Project• Olive was found pregnant on the street and recently gave birth to a litter of 7 puppies. Visit "Help Olive and Her Pups" to help cover their medical expenses. All leashes and collars by RUGGEDWRIST, made in USA.  Assistant for the day: @mazzie_takes_manhattan. Please email if you are interested!

It was hot and we had a job to do yesterday.  The ASPCA had asked if we could photograph some of their current dogs up for adoption. These beauties are all available right now and need your help. Imagine how good it will feel to see a tail wagging. There is nothing more fashionable than a chic new dog especially in Adopt October. To inquire about adoption call: 212-876-7700 extension 4120 or visit the shelter at 424 East 92nd Street in NYC.

Richard Phibbs is at it again! He and the Humane Society of New York, under the brilliant direction of Sandra DeFeo, worked tirelessly with a team of people to get these beauties photographed so they might have a better chance of being adopted.  All were photographed at the Humane Society on September 10th, and each and every one of them is looking for a forever home.  If you are interested in any of these pets please email Sandra.