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As a Feature Shoot fan, I am always surprised by the fabulous talent I come across, one discovery being Ibarionex Perello, a famed photographer, lecturer and professor. I asked him his relationship to taking photos of dogs and this is what he shared, "I have always loved dogs. After I left for college, I was without a dog for years and it wasn't until my wife and I moved into our first house that I was able to have a dog in my life again. I think having dogs has made me that much more sensitive to them as subjects as I walk the street making my images. They are real unique characters and it’s that personality that often draws me to photograph them.

Leslie Simitch told me about this fabulous book that she had seen at Colette's in Paris, "Doggies".  Sipke Visser describes his relationship to dogs, "I don’t have a personal preference for dogs and I really like all animals. What makes dogs specifically interesting, perhaps, is that they can seem very human-like. In some of the pictures, it almost seems like they and myself completely understand each other.  People get very interesting when they’re around dogs, probably because they feel they can sometimes communicate on the same level."

And what a day it was in Bellport yesterday! Portie puppy madness! Jane Gorrell and James Lansill's Portuguese Water pups made their way to Bellport for the weekend. Jane offers a bit of thanks! "With the help of my husband James, children Lucinda and Quinn, and most importantly Xie Xie herself, overs a span of four hours, we delivered eight exquisite, healthy, wiggling puppies".  Owners the Gorrell-Lansills. Breeder: Terri Pecora.

From its soulful origins of Blues and Jazz, to the vast lands filled with cotton, the Delta is the land of many stories some good and some bad.  Armed with her camera, Maude Schuyler Clay photographed those who have had all access to the stories and mysteries of the Mississippi Delta. In her book Delta Dogs, Clay photographs dogs as they roam the mysterious yet majestic lands of the Delta and their interaction with the people who call the Delta home.

Animal Haven (and that it is)! I spent the afternoon with Tiffany Lacey, the director of the shelter, and was undone by its pristine cages and the friendly staff.  What a job!  Not sure I could do it myself everyday but KUDOS to Tiffany.  Pictured here are a FEW of the dogs currently up for adoption and I hope @thedogist and I did them justice.  I have a special place in my heart for Barney as I know you will to! Please consider bringing one of these beauties home today.