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Ever wonder how the farmers felt about daylight savings? I don't know about you but  that "extra hour" is screwing with my internal clock! You know whose clock it's not affecting? Your dog’s! And when doggy wants to go out at 5pm and it's pitch black outside, you're going to need to be able to see! We at Mrs. Sizzle have the solution to help you see the light with these reflecting ideas for both poochies and people alike!

“I think I’m an old soul,” muses Remy Lark-bassi, a five year-old black Standard Poodle. “I’m so comfortable in vintage pieces—especially capes and berets and head scarves—that I really think I must have been a part of Coco’s  or Cristobal’s or Christian’s posse in a past life.” Such lofty claims could only come from a Standard, though this Standard is anything but lofty