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Gizmo is seen in the last picture and when Kyoko took his picture he knew exactly where to be. As she says about animals, "I think I have a healthy relationship with animals in general. When I grew up in Japan, we had tadpoles, crayfish, koi fish, a pet hamster with one arm, pet squirrels (different than American squirrels), turtles, cats and a dog. My view of animals changed slightly though when I saw wild lions in South Africa up close. I knew instinctively this big orange cat can take me down with one swipe. It gave me much more respect for the wilderness."

Francois had this irresistible photo that I had to ask to share on Mrs.Sizzle.  Here is what he has to says about Nellee, his chic pooch, "I got this dog (Nellee) 13.5 yrs ago in Grand Island near Niagra falls. My wife and I flew out to pick her up and since the breeder called her Nellie and she came running around the corner we were smitten and couldn't change her name, although we did change the spelling just to complicate things from then on....I grew up with Poodles all over Africa and when I was 11 we emigrated to Montreal bringing our poodle "Dodgie" (my sister named her) with us. Dodgie lived to be 18!"