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THE DOGIST writes: Olive & Buttercup, Pit Bull/terrier mix (2 y/o & 8 w/o; Mother and pup) – available for adoption from Bully Project• Olive was found pregnant on the street and recently gave birth to a litter of 7 puppies. Visit "Help Olive and Her Pups" to help cover their medical expenses. All leashes and collars by RUGGEDWRIST, made in USA.  Assistant for the day: @mazzie_takes_manhattan. Please email if you are interested!

Holiday party season is coming up and we have exhausted the red and green sparkly dresses that everyone likes to wear to these shindigs! We at Mrs. Sizzle have decided to throw it back to a time when people really knew how to party fashionably: the 60s! Check out these chic yet mod outfits for you and your dog to entertain in!