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David Williams and the people and dogs of Westminster Dog Show

I asked David about what it was like to shoot dogs at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show in NYC this month and this is what he had to offer:

"I was lucky enough to take a stab at the challenge of capturing the Westminster Dog Show this year. Color and humor are what compels me to take a picture, and this event has no shortage of either. The purple runways and ropes, green show floor, and colorful skirt suits provide ample opportunities to take a great picture. Oh! And the dogs. The most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones. It’s almost like a Dr. Suess book in real life. With everything working to my advantage, the dog show is still an unpredictable event to photograph and difficult to make photos that stand out from other photographer's shots from the past. With this in mind, I tried my best to seek out moments that spoke to me instead of firing my camera at every cute dog that walked past. So, after three days and over 58,000 steps, here’s a peek into what I came home with."


I discovered these brilliant images of the Westminster Dog show when reading Judith Newman's insightful piece in the New York Times this weekend.  Not only was the article fascinating but the images were arresting.  I had to find out about this Jonno guy!  Apparently, he has been at his craft for some time and was honored last year in PDN's prestigious 30 under 30 award - one of Mrs. Sizzle's favorites.  Leave it to team Sizzle to ask this guy all kinds of questions about his experience at the show!