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I asked Stefano Tonchi, the editor in chief of W magazine, to talk about Edward: "Edward is one of the most talented image-makers in the world. He is also one of the funniest and most creative people I have ever met. His enthusiasm for fashion and magazines is contagious.  I call him “the sunshine in my life" because he can always see the positive side of things, the half full glass and never the half empty. That does not mean that he excepts mediocrity. He constantly strives for excellence but with culture and respect for others."

"A million things hold the universe together. Our universe begins with Instagram and a cat.

I had rescued this sweet cat named Jazz from the streets of Hartford over a month before Alice walked into our lives. Jazz was malnourished, cold, and dumpster diving in order to survive. Countless treats and a few scratches later, she moved into my college dorm full time with me.

Moira McLaughlin is here to tell us how her gorgeous little rescue guy changed her life! "When Darby, my 17-year-old Longhaired Dachshund, died in 2011, I unravelled.  He was my muse and partner, the inspiration for my blog Dog Art Today and my lifeline to normalcy after losing everything to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue ten years earlier.  My grief terrified me.  I knew that I needed a dog, my mental and physical health depended on it, but I couldn’t conceive how I would ever find one.  Every single person that I confided my fears to answered me with the same three words, “You will know.”

Gracie is a three year old Tennessee farm dog and if anything else, a survivor. She was found last winter, pregnant, wounded and in fear of everything. When her owner, Cori, rescued her from the shelter, she was undergoing treatment for heartworms and was scheduled to have her leg amputated. Cori decided against the amputation and took her to hydrotherapy. After having her for a month, Cori also realized that Gracie suffered from separation anxiety.

And so she tells her story:

"I had grown up with Wheaten Terriers, schnauzers and mutts. Once my family was ready for a dog, I was set on getting a wheaten terrier.  I refused to purchase a puppy from a store . I wanted a Wheaten rescue. I searched all day, all night on every possible site everyday; I checked non stop.  One Saturday night, after coming home from a party, I clicked onto petfinder at midnight and there staring back at me was HARRY. I couldn’t believe it. I called and left a message that night. I called the next morning, I said, “we must have him, please”, I called that afternoon, and again that night and then they told us one family was before us, but they promised, if it didn’t work out, he was ours. I assumed all was lost. Who wouldn’t want to keep him?  I moved on the next day, checking, looking on anything possible to find a wheaten, but kept thinking about Harry. Two days later the phone rang and it was the woman from the shelter, she said, “the family had cats and Harry doesn’t like cats, he’s yours if you want him?” I screamed! “We don’t have cats and YES, we want him!” We all jumped in the car and drove to Connecticut to pick him up. They were waiting outside with him. He was huge and beautiful and loving and lovely. Bringing home a trained dog was heaven. He needed love and we couldn't wait to give it to him. After a year, having always been raised with two dogs in the home, I was ready for a sister for Harry. We adopted Evie, our Whoodle (wheaten terrier/poodle mix). It’s been two years now, and I can't imagine waking up with out feeling them lying next to me on my bed. Rescue! Rescue! Rescue! It's so worth it.

As you can see here Stephanie's love for animals started at an early age.  Seen here are Stephanie, her sister Emily, and Tara, the dog that always went to school to find them.  Fast forward to several years ago when Stephanie found Gus on but the trouble was he only had 48 hours to live and he was in Utah. Stephanie lives in Vancouver BC and was lucky enough with the help of Utah's Perfect Pointers, to get Gus up to her as an 8 months old pup and LIVED!. Travis, her other dog, was a foster dog that she and her boyfriend Josh, decided not to give back. And thus, the Pointer Brothers were born!  Don't forget that you can get any kind of dog through adoption!