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I visited Amy Harlow and her store Wag Wear in the Village.  She built this store years ago when she had two dogs and needed great things for her dogs that she couldn't find.  "It's all about great accessories"  says Amy.  She takes pride in saying that if she were a dog, this is what she would wear.  We decided to model Wag Wear on Payton, a sweet one year Dutch Shepard Mix, who is great with other dogs.

When I came across this amazing doggie brand I screamed, “WOOF for WOLF”!  Based out of Montauk, LI, (lucky duck), Lindsey of Billy Wolf comes from a fashion background and brings that sensibility to all things dog. Check out this beautiful brand! Lindsey uses all vintage, American made fabrics to create these beautiful pieces. It being summer, you might opt for a denim bandana or great dog to toe instead! Check it out.