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In Mrs. Sizzle's opinion the most fun time of the canine year just came and went: New York Fashion Week. But seeing as how the newest VIP was our very own Edie Sizzle, we think of this glamorous week more like New York Fashion Leash. Whether she’s sporting her new neon orange leash, matching booties, and comfy tribal sweater or color blocking with a cozy white sweater and black paw boots, or keeping it casual with a black cover up and neon booties for a pop of color, Edie was as trendy as our fave fashion A-listers. Without a doubt, our favorite look has got to be her unseasonably bright multi-color top with matching neon and light pink leashes. With as many looks as the leggy supermodels strutting down the runway, Edie took NYFL by storm. Mrs. Sizzle is a proud mama.

These pictures make me so happy! What’s not to love about humans and hounds, the brainchild of Melinda Montney of DOG & CO. and her partner and photographer, Robert Stoetzel.  Captured on the street, these images speak to the amazing relationship between people and their pets. I don’t know about you, but each one of these images makes me smile! So very #MrsSizzle!

With this latest Mrs. Sizzle favorite, your dog will no longer accept the excuse that it’s too late or too dark to go on a walk!  After almost colliding with one too many dogs on his nightly bike rides, Chris Forcucci decided it was time for there to be a peace treaty between dog and bike. Chris created The Squeaker Poochlight: leashes and collars with built in rechargeable LED lights that flashes, glows, and comes in seven different colors. Check out the ultimate dog night time accessory on Mrs. Sizzle's list!

Sorry to tell you, but your dogs collar is soooo last season. Want your dog to be the most fashionable pup in your building? The Hound Collection sells luxury collars, leashes,and scarves that follow seasonal color palates and the latest designer. And to take the whole dog walking thing to the next level, try a bit of Essie polish on those nails to pull the whole thing together. Now you are walking in style!