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One of my biggest mentors, both with cancer advice and with rescue admiration, is my cousin Kris. She is a cancer thriver, and wellness warrior, not to mention, compassionate and informative also. I couldn't help reach out to her to have her share her compelling story about Buddy, who she found in the woods with her husband Brian Fassett. I have to say the journey was one of my favorite Intsagram feeds ever!

Moira McLaughlin is here to tell us how her gorgeous little rescue guy changed her life! "When Darby, my 17-year-old Longhaired Dachshund, died in 2011, I unravelled.  He was my muse and partner, the inspiration for my blog Dog Art Today and my lifeline to normalcy after losing everything to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue ten years earlier.  My grief terrified me.  I knew that I needed a dog, my mental and physical health depended on it, but I couldn’t conceive how I would ever find one.  Every single person that I confided my fears to answered me with the same three words, “You will know.”

Sorry to tell you, but your dogs collar is soooo last season. Want your dog to be the most fashionable pup in your building? The Hound Collection sells luxury collars, leashes,and scarves that follow seasonal color palates and the latest designer. And to take the whole dog walking thing to the next level, try a bit of Essie polish on those nails to pull the whole thing together. Now you are walking in style!


When I was about six, my parents, in a well-intentioned but misguided parenting gesture, brought home an adorable Sealyham terrier, named him "Chester," and then stood back and waited for a bond to form between us.  But it turned out that Chester was even less interested in me than I was in him.  He poured all of his considerable energy into getting as filthy as possible at every opportunity, and I preferred playing with insects, so we tacitly agreed to ignore each other for the duration of his stay.  Indeed, I hardly noticed when he was shipped off to a farm (yes, a real farm) less than six months later.  I felt no sadness at Chester’s departure and I certainly didn't miss him, but every so often it would cross my mind that he was once our dog.  Then I would picture him happily chasing livestock and rolling in a pigsty somewhere and think he was well out of it.

I visited Amy Harlow and her store Wag Wear in the Village.  She built this store years ago when she had two dogs and needed great things for her dogs that she couldn't find.  "It's all about great accessories"  says Amy.  She takes pride in saying that if she were a dog, this is what she would wear.  We decided to model Wag Wear on Payton, a sweet one year Dutch Shepard Mix, who is great with other dogs.

I first saw these photos on Feature Shoot and flipped! I reached out to Amy and here is her story about these magnificent photos. 
"Before I went to my first dog event I was very deep into a terrible photographic rut.  I had hit a breaking point, and I asked myself “What do YOU love? What are YOU interested in?” I looked around my room and saw my Pomeranian Sasha looking at me. Something clicked in my head and I became curious about dog culture in New York City. The Doggies and Tiaras Pageant, founded by pet fashion designer Roberto Negrin, was the first thing I found when doing my research. The moment I stepped into the New Yorker Hotel it was like I got my groove back.

Kyle Landman is a dear friend who I know through Maria Cornejo and Marysia Woroniecka. Here she tells of her dog, Michael, and the journey to adopting him!  "After being on the hunt for the “unicorn” of all dogs—a black, longhaired Brussels Griffon—my brother-in-law sent me a message with a picture of the cutest, bug-eyed, hairy fluff ball staring back at me. The message read: “This is Mikey. He needs a home, now. And a haircut.”

This is Uggie. And this is Moreno with Sebastian on a shoot.  Sebastian took Uggie's portrait during his performance in THE ARTIST.  Sebastian says of Mrs. Sizzle's site, " Moreno will be so psyched to be on there. All I can say is that when Moreno comes to studio shoots, he gets more attention than the models. But he's also great help on set, he makes sure everyone is focused on creating great pics!"  Thanks Sebastian!

We came across Chaity and Riley on Instagram as she takes the most heartwarming pictures of her Parson French Canadian dog. Chaity got Riley a year after being diagnosed with a pretty debilitating illness and he quickly became her inspiration and muse during her treatments and recovery. A former art director, Chaity's  photographs of Riley began as a hobby, but he quickly became “insta-famous.” Now, Chaity and Riley use their instagram popularity to raise awareness and launch projects such as #ourpearlywhites which promotes Doggy Dental Hygiene. Besides Instagram, Riley and Chaity have launched their own accessory line on Proceeds from these sales go to Chaity’s treatment and to The World Society for The Protection of Animals.