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Mrs Sizzle Jumping Dog.jpg
Mrs Sizzle Jumping Dog.jpg
Mrs Sizzle Jumping Dog.jpg
Mrs Sizzle Jumping Dog.jpg

I came across this amazing dog and owner on Instagram called @extrememairlulu and was undone.  But became even more so when I heard she was missing! Read all about Lulu from her owners!

"Lulu, a 7 month old pitt/lab mix was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society in early 2011. We were warned she was a chewer, but she also already knew how to sit, fetch and drop. Her first Frisbee experience occurred at the Diamond Head Bark Park at 14 months old; she caught the Frisbee twice that day. During the following park visit, our quick learner pup only missed it twice! That is when her love for Frisbee began and we caught a glimpse of the potential of our athlete pooch.

On May 21st 2014 around 3 pm, I got a call at work that Lulu was neither in our yard nor house. I started the hour long drive home as my husband rushed back to start the search. In talking to neighbors, coffee shop attendants and the local friendly homeless, we heard odd stories about Lulu being with some young homeless kids with dyed hair who claimed a man gifted them our dog. 

Lulu's missing photo spread like wildfire through Facebook and Instagram. Posters were placed throughout the neighborhood. A missing dog report was given to the cops, Humane Society and posted on craigslist. Our community responded with concern and willingness to help.

Heartbroken at 8:30 pm we called off the search for the day. The house was eerily quiet as we tried to eat dinner. We got the call a little after 9 pm; Lulu was at a neighbor's house about a mile down the road. When we picked her up we were told that the homeless kids gave our dog to a neighbor asking her to take care of the pooch. Lulu had obviously been in a dog fight; she was missing her collar, had dog bites and a huge but shallow cut on her neck. 

After a vet visit, antibiotics and rest, Lulu was back to her old self in less than a week. We are still not sure if Lulu was stolen or managed to escape, but we are grateful for our local and online community who helped bring her back home.


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