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Lia Chavez is a visual and performance artist with a very chic rescue greyhound named London

Beverly Allan introduced me to the work of Lia Chavez, a visual and performance artist who divides her time between Brookhaven Hamlet and Manhattan with her husband, David Shing, a futurist and their rescue dog London.  Lia will be performing a piece entitled, "Light Body", a contemplative dance piece this Saturday at the farm of Isabella Rossellini.  "The performance marks the artist’s emergence from a 40-day vow of silence. Inspired by John Cage’s renowned experiments with sensory deprivation and historical accounts of activating the light body through deep meditation, Chavez has drawn upon the mystical concept of “feasting on light” — a reference to the Yogic practice of sustaining the physical and energetic bodies with meditation and the breath. 
The visual artworks created over this period will be the subject of a private exhibition at Isabella Rossellini's home concurrently. (Beverly Allan and Nur EL Shami's press release). 

Robert Stoetzel photographed some beauties from Animal Haven #takemehome

Last week Robert Stoetzel and I went to Animal Haven mobile until located at 200 Centre Street to photograph some of the dogs that were visiting and up for adoption while the new space is being renovated.  On hand was my intern, Anna Capel, and Tiffany Lacey stopped by to say hello and give me a tour.  A great day was had by all. Consider adopting one of these gems.

One of my biggest mentors, both with cancer advice and with rescue admiration, is my cousin Kris. She is a cancer thriver, and wellness warrior, not to mention, compassionate and informative also. I couldn't help reach out to her to have her share her compelling story about Buddy, who she found in the woods with her husband Brian Fassett. I have to say the journey was one of my favorite Intsagram feeds ever!


I have known this man for decades - not close like “besties” but rather kindred spirits of sorts. I always knew Isaac was a dog person, but when I learned that the two dogs he owns and loves were rescues, I was relentless.  I mean RELENTLESS.  So here we go, nothing more to say.  Watch the brilliant video directed by William Abranowicz and be delighted by the man who so often delights with humor and his wit.  Ladies and Gents, Isaac Mizrahi.

Years ago, a new country neighbor confided that whenever her husband went away on business she slept with a loaded shotgun by the bed, but I believe in accidents, sleepwalking and all the other disasters that Hollywood screenwriters can mustre. A shotgun only wakes you up after it has blown off your leg when you knocked it over reaching for a glass of water. A dog, however, wakes you up before something happens (or will ever happen).


It was hot and we had a job to do yesterday.  The ASPCA had asked if we could photograph some of their current dogs up for adoption. These beauties are all available right now and need your help. Imagine how good it will feel to see a tail wagging. There is nothing more fashionable than a chic new dog especially in Adopt October. To inquire about adoption call: 212-876-7700 extension 4120 or visit the shelter at 424 East 92nd Street in NYC.

Sophie Gamand is an animal lover, photographer, and animal activist extraordinaire. 

I was lucky enough to be along for the ride last week in Brookhaven Long Island, a town that I live in and one that has a very special need which Sophie could fulfill - Pit Bull awareness - by extending her series "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution". We visited the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, with Ashley Boyd at the helm, and over two days, Sophie was able to photograph more than 50 dogs. I was in awe! 

Gracie is a three year old Tennessee farm dog and if anything else, a survivor. She was found last winter, pregnant, wounded and in fear of everything. When her owner, Cori, rescued her from the shelter, she was undergoing treatment for heartworms and was scheduled to have her leg amputated. Cori decided against the amputation and took her to hydrotherapy. After having her for a month, Cori also realized that Gracie suffered from separation anxiety.

And so she tells her story:

"I had grown up with Wheaten Terriers, schnauzers and mutts. Once my family was ready for a dog, I was set on getting a wheaten terrier.  I refused to purchase a puppy from a store . I wanted a Wheaten rescue. I searched all day, all night on every possible site everyday; I checked non stop.  One Saturday night, after coming home from a party, I clicked onto petfinder at midnight and there staring back at me was HARRY. I couldn’t believe it. I called and left a message that night. I called the next morning, I said, “we must have him, please”, I called that afternoon, and again that night and then they told us one family was before us, but they promised, if it didn’t work out, he was ours. I assumed all was lost. Who wouldn’t want to keep him?  I moved on the next day, checking, looking on anything possible to find a wheaten, but kept thinking about Harry. Two days later the phone rang and it was the woman from the shelter, she said, “the family had cats and Harry doesn’t like cats, he’s yours if you want him?” I screamed! “We don’t have cats and YES, we want him!” We all jumped in the car and drove to Connecticut to pick him up. They were waiting outside with him. He was huge and beautiful and loving and lovely. Bringing home a trained dog was heaven. He needed love and we couldn't wait to give it to him. After a year, having always been raised with two dogs in the home, I was ready for a sister for Harry. We adopted Evie, our Whoodle (wheaten terrier/poodle mix). It’s been two years now, and I can't imagine waking up with out feeling them lying next to me on my bed. Rescue! Rescue! Rescue! It's so worth it.