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Graeme WIlliams discovered two dogs on a beach

 Two Dogs, Pringle Bay, Cape, South Africa. 1999/2000
 Two Dogs, Pringle Bay, Cape, South Africa. 1999/2000

Two Dogs, South Africa (1999-2000) 

The two dogs featured in this series were holidaying with their owner at a beach village called Pringle Bay, one hour’s drive from Cape Town. They would get up in the morning, run over the dunes, and then play energetically for the rest of the day. They seemed to be perfectly attuned. 

This set of photographs was taken during two successive stays at Pringle Bay over the Christmas period. The dogs would interact with me for a while and then get bored and race off on some other adventure. I would try to attract their attention by flicking sand up into the air with my toes while photographing their gymnastic leaps and joie de vivre.

The owner of the two dogs contacted me in 2012 to say that the dogs lived to the age of 19 and they died within three months of each other. They were twins called Conney and Roxy and were a mix between a Weimaraner and a border collie. Their ashes were scattered over the beach where they spent their holidays.  - Graeme Williams


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