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hangdog art makes mrs. sizzle very happy - hopefully it will you too

handdog mrs sizzle.jpeg
handdog mrs sizzle.jpeg

The Hangdog story

"Even while I was enjoying a 20-odd year stint as a travel writer, features journalist and magazine editor, I was always looking around for a valid reason to hang out with dogs all day. In 2012, I started indulging my hankering to paint, and I found that as I progressed, my subject matter became more and more canine – in a wry, not-too-serious way. I was hooked on the many expressions of every pooch I came across. Dog lovers responded by smiling, and Hangdog was born. It’s now an online shop selling fine art prints, stationery and textiles with an ironic, light hearted, doggish bent."  - Megan Anderson

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