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One of my biggest mentors, both with cancer advice and with rescue admiration, is my cousin Kris. She is a cancer thriver, and wellness warrior, not to mention, compassionate and informative also. I couldn't help reach out to her to have her share her compelling story about Buddy, who she found in the woods with her husband Brian Fassett. I have to say the journey was one of my favorite Intsagram feeds ever!

Andrew Fladeboe's series The Shepherd's Realm is the product of extensive international travel. He has journeyed from the U.S. to the Netherlands, Scotland, Norway and now, New Zealand, to create striking portraits of working dog breeds. Inspired by the tradition of British animal portraiture, his images reference the 18th-century paintings of George Stubbs and the 19th-century canvasses of Edwin Landseer.

It has definitely been a cat week here at Mrs. Sizzle and this is a favorite painting of mine by my friend, David Konigsberg.  He has a show called, "Nigh Season", that opens this evening in Larchmont at Kenise Barnes Fine Art on Palmer Avenue.  The opening this evening for the artist is from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Crawl over to meet the artist!

"Even while I was enjoying a 20-odd year stint as a travel writer, features journalist and magazine editor, I was always looking around for a valid reason to hang out with dogs all day. In 2012, I started indulging my hankering to paint, and I found that as I progressed, my subject matter became more and more canine – in a wry, not-too-serious way. I was hooked on the many expressions of every pooch I came across. Dog lovers responded by smiling, and Hangdog was born. It’s now an online shop selling fine art prints, stationery and textiles with an ironic, light hearted, doggish bent."  - Megan Anderson

"I grew up on the moors in Devon, England. An extreme landscape with wild ponies, ancient forests, and windswept grasses. It was a landscape that inspired my imagination. I would spend my days damming rivers, getting my boots stuck in mud, and making dens. I oriented myself by the particular curve of a tree or a clutter of bluebells. I now live with my family in rural Maine, a place that often reminds me of my childhood. The sound of certain birds in summer, finding frogs in streams, and walking my dog at dusk: I use animals as metaphors for all things that are good in life."  - Cig  Harvey

Leslie Simitch told me about this fabulous book that she had seen at Colette's in Paris, "Doggies".  Sipke Visser describes his relationship to dogs, "I don’t have a personal preference for dogs and I really like all animals. What makes dogs specifically interesting, perhaps, is that they can seem very human-like. In some of the pictures, it almost seems like they and myself completely understand each other.  People get very interesting when they’re around dogs, probably because they feel they can sometimes communicate on the same level."

Irene Albright is a fashion DYNAMO. Amy Lombard and I had the pleasure of visiting the library the other day to get a tour and a few licks from Gus! What an impressive place.  Irene shares,  "After working as a stylist for 20 years and desperately seeking wardrobe for a shoot, I decided to build my own showroom; a safe haven for all my friends who were stylists to pull their shoots." The Albright Fashion Library, since opening in 1990, has expanded and evolved into a resource for the industry’s top stylists, magazine editors and costume designers.

This is a funny story... Laurie was shooting her show that was up last month at Salon 94 when Lamby jumped up on the model's lap and Laurie snapped this shot. The end.

Big story right?  Well, I went to the gallery I met another gorgeous dog whose name is Ludvig von Truffle and he showed me around....

Not to mention that Laurie can join the girl crush club too. Love her.

"Bubba, Bichon-Shih Tzu, age 7-1/2, Taurus (like me), constant companion, photo muse, self-portrait partner. A gypsy by nature (or maybe that's me), road-trip navigator and shotgun-rider on three cross-country trips, favors motel hallways and elevators, lives part-time in Uruguay, afraid of horses and cats, loves chorizo. He's featured in three of my photo series (so far) and can often be found modeling on my instagram feed."