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After the first stressful 20 min, during which we anticipate the familiar noise emanating from the back, we settle in…even though Zara will continue to puke every few hours, Zen will get bored and start to chew on the seats, one of the two will start to smell really, really bad, and both will force us to pull over what seems like every 5 minutes for a bathroom break. If you can’t already tell, our road trip is essentially a dog and owner’s nightmare.

Nina Ottosson is a Swedish pet game designer. She founded the company in 1990 with the goal to create toys and games to get your pet off the couch. Her toys and games mentally and physically stimulate dogs with problem solving and obedience training. All toys are made from wood and non toxic plastic, making it safe for your dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, iguana, even mini pig! Order some up now and get Fido challenged and happy.