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It's no surprise that fashion designer Rachel Antonoff's dog does clothes so well but prefers being naked

This week we visit the apartment of Rachel Antonoff the super duper inspired fashion designer and cutie extraordinaire.  Although Mrs. Sizzle got lost in the rain she was relieved to get to the cozy apartment with the barking dog, none other than Lafitte Antonoff.  Amy Lombard was on hand to photograph and there to help us look stylish was the brilliant DOG & CO.!  I had to ask Rachel many questions about this handsome scruffy dude.

What does Jackie O', Molly Ringwald and your dog have in common? They all look pretty in pink! This fabulous color looks radiant on both pet and owner. Check out these pink products for your pooch from K9 Couture Co, Penn & Pooch, and Yark. While Reppeto and Dior serves up fashion for you in our favorite shades of pink!

City Dog Living is the ongoing story of a modern city dog and his family on their pursuit to bring design, fashion, travel and leisure together with man's best friend. I found the site on Instagram and had to reach out to ask founder, Allan Glanfield, to do a roundup for Mrs. Sizzle.   "I only have a few rules when it comes to personal style and I use the same principals with Frankie my dog: Keep it simple. We only have so much energy dedicated to decision making. Invest in quality. It will save you time and money in the long run. Nothing lasts forever. If you find something that works... Buy a bunch of it."  Great advice from man and his best friend.