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Do you often come home from work and find your dog cutely napping on top your bed, then not finding it so cute trying to get fur off of your 1000 thread count sheets? Check out the high end dog bedding company Cloud 7 ! Cloud 7 was founded by former fashion designer Petra Jungebluth who began creating beds for her dogs that did not clash with her modern living room decor. Since 2010, Cloud 7 has been producing super soft and comfy bedding for your dog, enhancing their beauty rest and freeing up your bed from your pet. 

EVER.  Did I mention I love this store?  Whether you have a fish, a bird, a cat, a dog or a horse, (and I know I am forgetting something!) this is the place for you.  John Colondona owns it and Sam and Deb are at the front always ready to greet you and help you out on anything you might need.  What else do I like about this place?  They promote awareness about shelter animals and do so much to help animals in need.  Thank you Shirley Feed!