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Mrs. Sizzle sat with PR Consulting and the result was canine cool. Kimberly M. Wang documented and Dog & Co brought the goods!

Jackson coming to play amongst the Aquazzura heels

Jackson coming to play amongst the Aquazzura heels

Wolfie contemplating which pair of shoes to borrow

Wolfie contemplating which pair of shoes to borrow

Pierre and Jackson doing business. Collar and Lead both FOUND MY ANIMAL on  DOG & CO  .

Pierre and Jackson doing business. Collar and Lead both FOUND MY ANIMAL on DOG & CO.

Sylvie and Wolfie

Sylvie and Wolfie

Jackson - Bed,  Cloud 7  and toy  Max-Bone  both available on  DOG & CO .

Jackson - Bed, Cloud 7 and toy Max-Bone both available on DOG & CO.

When Pierre Rougier and Sylvie Picquet-Damesme say “sit,” it’s not just their pups who listen.  The joint force behind PR Consulting, the fashion industry’s most elite PR firm, it’s Rougier and Picquet-Damesme who determine the seating for Dries Van Noten, Christian Dior, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Versace.  PR consulting chooses the seats for buyers and editors, entertainers and their entourages; they herd fashion’s cats—including the kings of the jungle.  And not just at the shows— when you read about a party at the Chateau Marmont, or a Louis Vuitton dinner, it’s PR Consulting who’s behind it, beginning with the guest list.

In fact, since its founding in 1997, PR Consulting has been the press arm of some of the world’s most recognizable, and enviable, fashion and beauty brands, retail giants and hotels.

Mrs. Sizzle imagined that all that power and prestige might make for an officious office, but she was pleasantly surprised, on a recent Tuesday afternoon, to find that at PR Consulting’s Tribeca neighborhood office—with photographer Kimberly M. Wang and outfits from DOG & CO. on hand—it’s the dogs who run the show!  In fact, they wouldn’t let the bosses—maybe of the firm, but not of these two tail-waggers—get a word in edgewise.

Jackson, Pierre's 2 year old Terrier mix, has agreed to answer some of my questions:

Where did you come from? A kill shelter in New Jersey.  Some really kind people saved me, taking me out of there until I could find a home. My dad saw my picture on Petfinder and came looking for me.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your Dad? Running on the beach in the summer, or along the East River.

Do you get stressed at the office? No, I can handle it! I am a big boy and bitches love me. My dad does sometimes, but I tell him to grab a toy and chew on it - I know it works for me.

What's your Dad's best look/outfit? Well, his running outfit is pretty cool and I know it means we’re going out!

What's your Dad's best quality? He’s a good provider!

What's your favorite thing to eat? Well, I have a pretty eclectic diet. I get bored if I eat the same thing every day - I think dad finally got the message. However, I do have a never-ending passion for freeze-dried lamb lung treats. They are my “potato chip” equivalents!

Wolfie is Sylvie's Norwich Terrier, also two, and ready and willing to talk to me!

What's your chic-est leash? Filson

What is a typical day for you? I wake up at about 8am (I am not an early riser) for my morning walk. After, I have my breakfast and I play a bit, then rest up for a long midday stroll with my dad. In the afternoon, my brothers come back from school. We play and cuddle a bit.  Then it’s dinner time!  When the weather is fair, I’ll burn some calories running in the backyard.  Before we all go to bed, I have a cuddle with every family member. 

What's your favorite napping place? Big pillow on the couch in the living room.

Are you a city dog at heart? Not really.  I love going upstate on hikes with my family. The city is very loud and I’m scared of the garbage trucks driving too fast on the streets. I also hate walking on sidewalks where there are subway grills. Those subway grills and the noise of the trains scare me to death.

What's the best party you have ever been to? A play date at a friend of my younger brother’s house.  They have two Shih-Tzus and we played all afternoon. Oh, and I went to Water Island last year to visit some friends for the weekend.  There were lots of dogs there, and we had a great time. 

All photos by Kimberly M. Wang and product provided by Dog & Co.