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When Pierre Rougier and Sylvie Picquet-Damesme say “sit,” it’s not just their pups who listen.  The joint force behind PR Consulting, the fashion industry’s most elite PR firm, it’s Rougier and Picquet-Damesme who determine the seating for Dries Van Noten, Christian Dior, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Versace.  PR consulting chooses the seats for buyers and editors, entertainers and their entourages; they herd fashion’s cats—including the kings of the jungle.  And not just at the shows— when you read about a party at the Chateau Marmont, or a Louis Vuitton dinner, it’s PR Consulting who’s behind it, beginning with the guest list.

"I grew up on the moors in Devon, England. An extreme landscape with wild ponies, ancient forests, and windswept grasses. It was a landscape that inspired my imagination. I would spend my days damming rivers, getting my boots stuck in mud, and making dens. I oriented myself by the particular curve of a tree or a clutter of bluebells. I now live with my family in rural Maine, a place that often reminds me of my childhood. The sound of certain birds in summer, finding frogs in streams, and walking my dog at dusk: I use animals as metaphors for all things that are good in life."  - Cig  Harvey

Jess Bonham introduced me to Will Robson-Scott and Ollie Grove and their sensational new project and book entitled, IN DOGS WE TRUST.  Photographers and friends from childhood, the two searched across the social spectrum to shoot intriguing characters and their beloved hounds in locations as diverse as Hackney, Hampstead, Venice Beach, Brooklyn and Queens. Published and designed by Victory Edition , NYC.

Toast Meets World is a brave puppy mill survivor who is here to teach us that rescue dogs are as beautiful as our purebred supermodels, Jagger a Yorkie and Riley a Shih Tzu. We use the word survivor because most “breeding” dogs at mills meet and early and unpleasant end once their bodies can no longer produce.  Toast was photographed in a studio on August 7th in NYC by Tom Schirmacher and had her hair done by Gavin Harwin who had also previously worked on the shot of Jagger and Riley a few months back.

This lovely photographer, Dawn Whitmore, sent me her delicious story about her rescue dog Ben. "Ben is an incredible pup despite a rocky history. He was pulled by authorities from a hoarding/puppy mill situation in rural Minnesota. He was the only Standard among a ton of tiny dogs. Sadly, he was very aggressive and sent to German Shepherd rescue for a few weeks to determine whether or not he might be adoptable to someone. I had applied for a rescue poodle weeks before (with Mid Atlantic Poodle Rescue) and received a call that there was a dog available. I was the only acceptable candidate for him because I'd worked as a vet tech several years prior and am familiar with crazy dogs. Needless to say I took him in October 2011 and have done lots of positive training classes with the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) here in DC. 

I met John for the first time a few weeks ago and am undone by his dedication to animals and hard work to raise awareness of adoption.  A brilliant clothing designer and founder of his most recent line, "The Tiny Tim Collection", John is always working to help raise funds for independent rescue groups all over the country.  Check out his amazing designs here and help animals everywhere!

I first saw these photos on Feature Shoot and flipped! I reached out to Amy and here is her story about these magnificent photos. 
"Before I went to my first dog event I was very deep into a terrible photographic rut.  I had hit a breaking point, and I asked myself “What do YOU love? What are YOU interested in?” I looked around my room and saw my Pomeranian Sasha looking at me. Something clicked in my head and I became curious about dog culture in New York City. The Doggies and Tiaras Pageant, founded by pet fashion designer Roberto Negrin, was the first thing I found when doing my research. The moment I stepped into the New Yorker Hotel it was like I got my groove back.